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  • Tykes 4-8

  • Tweens 9-12

  • Teens 13-19

  • Young Adults

  • The Professional

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  • Personal development

  • Vocal and linguistics

  • Phonology and phonetics coaching

  • Pageant coaching and production

  • Etiquette, style and grace coaching

  • Modeling

  • Photography coaching

  • Catwalk/runway teaching

  • Event planning and production

  • Live in-studio coaching

  • Personalized consultation

  • One-on-one teaching and modeling following a curriculum

  • Geared towards the personalized needs of each woman or girl

  • Lights. Camera. Action. In the boardroom or on the catwalk

  • Fashion and Style district

  • Galleria of Greater Charlotte: The Jewel of Charlotte

  • Showcase and exhibition of Beauty and Style

  • Increased confidence

  • Increased competence

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