Change 160 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Change 160 envisions a Galleria Institute made up of many gemstones being prepared for stellar use. Revelation 21:21 declares: the twelve gates were twelve pearls, each gate made of a single pearl. The great street of the city was of gold, as pure transparent glass. Our mission is to greatly increase optimal behavioral and intellectual functioning relating to the inner city by teaching our stewards that they are gemstones being prepared by a jeweler for stellar use. Research supports that in Mecklenburg County district schools, high schools that predominately graduate children of color, have low graduation rates in comparison to predominately white public high schools. Change 160 wishes to establish a culturally sensitive private elementary school serving Kindergarten children no matter of a student’s race, class or socio-economic status.

Main focus:

  • Smaller Class Sizes – 12:1 student/teacher ratio
  • Cognitive Theory – Pre-Operational Period of Development; where learning, imagination and language flourishes
  • Social Cultural Theory – Co-intentional learning; meeting each child’s zone of proximal development. More emphasis is on nurture such as interaction between mentor and learner within the cultural context
  • Building Leaders – Galleria Institute: Help children see they can overcome any obstacle and become self-sustaining, empowered entrepreneurs
  • Mental health-engage youth towards promoting healthy self-concepts and identities
  • Community Focus – Invite the community to pool resources; mentoring, reading buddies, tutoring, as well as community focus groups.

Beauty, Aesthetics and Culture utilizes pieces of the Sparkle Her… curriculum in effort to provide a multidimensional development and coaching brand to women of all ages wishing to produce in areas of pageantry, modeling, public speaking and career branding. Here, Nicole Antonette infuses her modeling and acting knowledge and experiences to showcase the best YOU from YOU. Get ready for Lights. Camera. Action; in the boardroom or on the catwalk!

Sparkle Her…

A 3-month curriculum containing modules geared towards:

  1. Etiquette
  2. Style
  3. ‘Inner You’ and the ‘Healthy You’
  4. Grace
  5. She’s a Executoress: Budget Management and Social Event Planning

Geared towards Girls between the ages of 9-12

Ladies who complete their program are showcased in a Gala