Nicole Bryant, MS, LPCA, CSOTS Owner

The name Diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word Adamas; meaning Proper, Unalterable, Unbreakable and Unconquerable. The word Pearl is a metaphor for something very Rare, Fine, Admirable and Valuable. Nicole has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Central Florida where she minored in Criminal Justice and earned certification in Criminal Profiling. She also has a Master of Science Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. Currently, she has 13 years of experience working in the Human Services field. Experience she has includes working in organizational and clinical leadership. Currently, Nicole is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate with the North Carolina State Board of Licensed Professional Counselors. With this she is able to provide direct counseling services to members of the community under supervision. She has worked in most levels of care including psychiatric stabilization, targeted case management, partial hospitalization, mobile crisis and response and child welfare.

She currently is a Certified Sex Offender Treatment Specialist. Nicole is building a Galleria which consists of honoring community luminaries, community activism, mentoring, discussion workshops, scholarship awards, social media blogging and Gala showcases geared towards enabling Chrysopoeia. Nicole has a love of education and civic engagement and through this wishes to cultivate change.

Currently she is a practicing clinician at Cohesive Counseling Associates, PLLC. She is trained to treat most psychiatric and mental health disorders. She has targeted expertise in Crisis Intervention and Stabilization of most Mood Disorders, Chemical Dependency, Criminal Profiling and Psychopathology as well as Forensic evaluation and treatment of most sexual offenses.

Closeup of diamond ring